Thursday, 28 April 2016

Learn to read Quran

QuranForKids is an on the web education academy which gives a simple way to understand and learn Quran online. Our aim is to teach Quran with tajweedto people all over the world, especially those individuals who live in countries where to have Islamic education is difficult. We provide 1 to 1 Quran with tajweed classes which ensures undivided attention of tutor towards student and help the student to learn quran with tajweed easily. Learn to read Quran
Our mission is always to literate the world with familiarity with Holy Quran and Hadith. Especially for those Muslims that are away from home lands and Islamic centers. We help students to learn to see Quran. 1000s of Muslims discovered to see Quran and learned Quran with Tajweed by this online quran learnin system. Now students of any age in virtually any country can learn to see Quran at their very own schedule and pace. Parents can now watch their children to master Quran at home facing their eyes and there no need to send kids outside for Quranic education.
Try our 3 days FREE trial lessons to evaluate our Holy Quran teaching service and our unique Quran teaching methodology. After free lessons you are able to decide to carry on or discontinue to Learn Quran with us. We are providing 24-7 classes to kids and adults of ages.
Our students are from USA, Canada, UK, and Australia and all over the world. We have both male & female Quran teachers. All that's necessary to is a PC, Headset, microphone and internet connection. Our tutoring service is very affordable solution to Read Quran.

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