Sunday, 24 April 2016

clean solar panels

Solar panel efficiency is afflicted with several factors like temperature and light intensity. Naturally, if the quantity of sunlight attaining the solar cells were limited by dirt or leaf, the quantity of electricity produced would not be at its ideal level.
Google assembled a 1.6 MW solar panel installation at their headquarters in Mountain View in 2007. After almost a year, they facilitated a study to discover if cleaning these solar generators will make them more productive, thereby yielding more electricity.
The engineers dedicated to two separate sets of photovoltaic panels in Google campus -- the flat ones in carports and the tilted ones on roofs. They gathered an array of data about the vitality their solar power panels produced. Observations were also made on the accumulation of dirt on both sets of photovoltaic panels.
They found dirt accumulating on the surface of flat panels. On tilted panels, less dirt was found. This is because rain swept them away, leaving some accumulation in the bottom corners. After cleaning both sets of panels (after 15 months), energy output from the flat panels doubled! The improvement from tilted panels was marginal. clean solar panels
Both sets of panels were left untouched for another 8 months before they certainly were cleaned again. Now, the flat panels showed a 36% improvement in electricity output as the tilted panels produced negligible gains.
The final outcome of this study illustrates 2 points:
1. Solar panels are best installed in a tilted position.
Like those panels in Google headquarters, tilted ones are less inclined to retain dirt and occasional leaf. Blocked solar cells introduce high internal resistance and this devastates power production. In fact, just one single cell without sunlight can cause an observable drop in energy output.
Fortunately, the majority of us are living far from the equator and chances are we have to tilt our photovoltaic panels considerably. Thus all we need to do is spend 5 minutes to wash away unsightly dirt that accumulates at the corner of one's panels. You certainly can do this by spraying water using a hose once a year.
2. Solar panels have to be cleaned once in a while.
When you have to install your solar panels in an appartment position, you'll stand to achieve once you clean your photovoltaic panels every 6 months (or more often if you bother to). Obviously, the more energy your solar panels generate, the sooner you'll be paid back your solar investment.
It does not take you a lot more than 15 minutes to briefly wash down your solar power panels. But once you place in this little effort, your solar power panel efficiency shoots up and these photovolta ic power generators can again work as hard for you personally as when they first arrived.

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